Continuous Payment Authority

Who are Landbay?

Company name: Landbay Partners Limited
Company number: 08668507
Registered office address: 7th Floor, 60 Buckingham Palace Road, London, England, SW1W 0AH

Our CPA policy

CPA is a regular automatic payment that you can set up using your debit card.

Continuous Payment Authority authorises us to charge agreed sums to your nominated debit card, subject to the terms and conditions are fully disclosed and agreed during the fee collection process.

We have two application fees during the application process for a Landbay mortgage. Our administration fee and our valuation fee. We charge the administration fee upfront, and this is when you agree to our CPA policy. We then only use CPA to charge for the valuation fee when we are ready to instruct valuation. We don’t use the CPA for any other transactions.

CPA means you don’t have to think about inputting your payment details a second time or completing any further forms once the initial underwrite is complete. For us, it means we can promptly instruct the valuation when the time arrives, and create a better application journey for you.

As a responsible business we use Continuous Payment Authority to improve the broker and applicant experience during the fee collection journey.

Cancelling your CPA

You can cancel your CPA at any time by contacting us directly at the details below.

0207 096 2700

Please include your case number and applicant information.

Please be aware, that we only use CPA to collect the Valuation Fee. This allows us to instruct the valuation for your property. If the CPA is cancelled for a payment card, you will need to send a bank transfer for the full valuation fee amount in order for us to instruct valuation and continue with your application.

If the valuation has already been instructed prior to a cancellation instruction, unfortunately we are unable to offer refunds.
If you have any questions regarding our fees, or Continuous Payment Authority, please get in touch with us on 0207 096 2700 or