We understand that recent developments around Coronavirus (COVID-19) will be concerning. We want to reassure you that Landbay is fully operational with the team now working remotely. Our priority is to look after our colleagues, intermediaries and customers, and we have put in place measures to support our brokers and customers during these challenging times.

How is the COVID 19 Virus affecting your ability to operate?

Being a Fintech company, we are able to work remotely and this has proven to be without consequence. There has been limited impact on the Landbay processes themselves however third-party impact is commented on below.

How are you protecting the safety of your staff?

Our risk assessment can be found here .

Are you still lending to new customers?

We are lending to new customers up to a maximum of 80% LTV (correct as of the 19/01/2021 )

How are your rates currently affected?

We will continue to review and amend our products in line with the marketplace. We will continue to identify opportunities to adapt to suit the needs of your customers where possible.

Can you take retyped valuation originally produced for another lender?

Provided that the surveyor is prepared to retype the valuation and if they were one on our panel we could. Subject to our normal requirements.

Are your completions being affected?

We have a panel of solicitors who continue to act on both ours and our client’s behalf. We are assured that this part of the process will continue as normal due their ability to work remotely. We have restricted the panel and published it on website with those who have assured us they have contingency plans in place and are able to function within our SLA’s.

What about offers should they expire? Can they be extended?

Should an offer expire we are currently unable to extend offers without valuation support. Offers will be withdrawn.

Are you offering the government payment holiday scheme?

Landbay wants to support customers who are facing difficulties, as a direct result of COVID-19. Existing mortgage customers will need to contact our servicing team to discuss their circumstances. We will then be able to explain the process and impact of a potential payment holiday and agree the right course of action.

For more information on payment holidays please click here .

Existing mortgage customers can contact the servicing team on  033 0053 6825 or email us on 

What numbers should we be contacting for any assistance or advice?

Existing mortgage customers should contact the servicing team on 0330 053 6825
Mortgage Intermediaries should contact our enquiries and underwriting lines on 0207 096 2700

Payment Holidays

If you are a Landlord and think you’ll struggle to make your monthly mortgage payments specifically because of Coronavirus, we can help you by offering a 3-month payment holiday.

What is a payment holiday?

A payment holiday allows a borrower to defer mortgage payments for an agreed period. It is important to remember that you still owe that money and the interest on your mortgage still accrues during a payment holiday. At the end of the payment holiday Landbay will contact you to assess your circumstances and agree a repayment plan for the arrears accrued.


A payment holiday will be available to customers who are up to date on their mortgage payments, and who have lost income because of the impact of Covid-19.

How do I apply:

If you are concerned about making your mortgage payments during this time you should contact us as soon as possible. You will not need to complete an application; you will just need to self-certify that your income has been either directly or indirectly impacted by Covid-19.


You will need to self-certify that your tenant’s income has been impacted by Covid-19. Landlords are expected to pass on this relief to their tenants to ensure that they are supported during the Coronavirus crisis.

When will the payment holiday take effect:

The commencement date for the deferred period will be agreed on a case by case basis.

During the payment holiday period:

You will not have to make any monthly mortgage payments for a set amount of time, in this case up to three months. Arrears fees will be waived during the payment holiday period.

After the payment holiday ends:

At the end of the payment holiday a member of the Landbay Customer Service team will contact you to assess your circumstances. Repayment of the arrears will be agreed on a case by case basis.

Landbay are committed to supporting landlords experiencing payment difficulties on a case by case basis.

If you’re concerned that you won’t be able to make your regular mortgage payment, due to the COVID-19 crisis or any other reason, contact us to discuss the various ways we can help you.

Can I just stop paying if my tenants are affect by Covid-19?

No. Failure to pay will affect your credit file negatively. Your clients must talk to us to formally arrange a mortgage payment holiday.

For more information on payment holidays please click here .

Contact details for payment holidays

Telephone: +44 (0)330 053 6825