Case Studies

Landbay’s AVM supports a swift and seamless remortgage

22 January 2024

Nick Joelson


AVM model helps to underwrite a remortgage case in less than two hours.

Property type: Standard
Location: London
Product: Standard AVM 5-Year Fixed 70% LTV


This case saw a broker seeking a remortgage for a single-family let property belonging to an existing customer. The broker and landlord client needed a very swift turnaround. Any delays would have been detrimental to their timings.


The case’s success hinged on a synergistic approach combining case cloning (from their previous cases), a streamlined DIP/application process and instant valuation via AVM. This blend allowed the entire case to be underwritten in less than two working hours after receiving the full mortgage application.


The case was underwritten within two hours, and an offer was made within 24 hours after the DIP submission.  

The broker experienced no additional demands for information or documentation, and the applicant benefited from lower application costs due to the AVM, making the entire remortgage process cost-effective and extremely efficient.  

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Top class service as always from Alex and the team at Landbay, facilitating a large portfolio offer in less than two hours using the AVM product. A breathe of fresh air in the specialist lending market.