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We believe true partnerships are about people not machines

From humble beginnings

From humble beginnings

We got into this business because we thought buy-to-let lending could be better for brokers, borrowers and investors.

That led us, in 2014, to making our very first loan: a three-bedroom house in Brighton. We’ve come a long way since then. In the years since, we’ve helped more than 2,000 landlords find the funding they need.

Today our goal is to become the go-to funding partner for buy-to-let. And we like to think we’re well on our way.

We’ve come a long way

We’re building a business we’re all proud to be a part of. We’ve loved the journey so far but there’s still so much more we can do.

We’ve come a long way
2014We funded our first mortgage

We made our first loan on a three-bedroom house in Brighton

2016We entered the cloud
2017We pioneered ‘Mortgage as a Service’
2019We onboarded the first £1bn funder on the Marketplace
We built market leading technology
2020We were named Europe’s 11th fastest growing company
2021We reached £1bn of lending
We became four-times buy-to-let lender of the year
2022We went Carbon Neutral

“We didn’t just want to be another lender. We wanted to be a proper partner to brokers and borrowers.”

John Goodall, CEO

We do things a little differently at Landbay

We’re partners to brokers

We’re proud of being better for brokers than anyone else. What they need, we deliver.

We’re partners to each other

We’re building a business we’re all proud to be a part of, where every voice is heard, and everyone is invested in being a true partner.

We think good enough, isn’t

We invest to be the best. Our old broker portal was good enough but that was never going to be enough for us, so we built a new one.

Our Executive team

Meet the Landbay executive team.

Doing well and doing good

Doing well and doing good

At Landbay everyone plays a part. Our ESG forum brings together people from across our business to help us drive the ESG agenda.

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