Is 2024 the year for buy-to-let investors? 

19 February 2024

Nick Joelson


As we look forward into 2024, the signs are positive for buy-to-let (BTL) investments. It’s shaping up to be a promising year for property investors and a busy time for mortgage brokers. 

Interest rates for BTL mortgages are getting lower since the start of the year. This means landlords who want to grow their property portfolio can do so at a lower cost. High demand for rental homes is still there, creating a good chance for landlords to fill this need. This high demand is partly because it’s become tougher for people to buy their first home, so more people are renting instead. 

While some areas have seen property prices drop a bit, making homes stay on the market longer, this can be a chance for investors to buy properties at a better price. And if mortgage rates keep dropping, it might become even easier to buy properties as the year goes on. 

Here at Landbay we’ve been working on offering better deals. We’ve cut our rates and brought out new loan options to keep up with the ever-changing market. We’ve also got special deals for different types of property investments, like houses shared by multiple people or blocks of flats. 

Now, politics might make things a bit uncertain, especially with a general election possibly on the horizon. Depending on who wins, there could be new policies that affect landlords. The government might even introduce some benefits for landlords in the next budget to win over votes. 

So, while there’s a bit of uncertainty because of the election, the BTL market still looks strong. It’s survived many ups and downs before. There are lots of investment chances out there, and lots of people who need to rent homes. Landlords, with the help of lenders and brokers, should have a good year in BTL. 

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