A year on from the mini-budget, where are we now?

22 September 2023

Ben Fernandes


A Landbay Spotlight session with Simon French

About the spotlight

Tune in as Simon French, Chief Economist at Panmure Gordon and columnist for The Times, analyses the current economic environment one year after the mini-budget.

Simon will discuss the potential impact on economic growth, interest rates, and the property market.

Hosted by John Goodall, CEO of Landbay.

Topics include

  • Latest analysis of inflation trends
  • A deep dive into the latest MPC decision on interest rates
  • Current outlook for the economy and housing
  • A look forward to 2024

Meet the speakers

Simon French

Simon French is the Chief Economist at the UK bank, Panmure Gordon. He is a top ranked economist in the City of London’s II/Extel rankings, writes a monthly column for The Times newspaper and is a regular guest host on BBC TV and Radio, CNBC and Bloomberg.

Prior to joining Panmure Gordon he was a Senior Civil Servant, latterly at the Cabinet Office as Chief of Staff to the UK Government’s Chief Operating Officer. He holds degrees in Economics & Finance from Durham University and is a member of the Government Economic Service and the Society of Professional Economists.

John Goodall

John’s work has always been rooted in Economics, with degrees from Durham University and Imperial College.

In his early career, he co-founded a financial services executive search consultancy and later joined an equity brokerage in the City. But it was his interest and belief in marketplace lending that sparked the idea of Landbay and its focus on the larger, lower-risk buy-to-let market.