Credit and Compliance

The seven steps to completing a Landbay mortgage

We subject every application to rigorous analysis before we agree to lend. Our credit and compliance process is as follows:

1. Applications are made online by our FCA-regulated and accredited broker partners;

2. A comprehensive credit assessment is undertaken; to review all applicants' credit history, their business experience, their ability to repay the proposed loan and the proposed property which acts as security.

3. A Decision in Principle is only given once the results of these checks have been ratified by our Credit Committee;

4. We instruct an independent RICS valuation, which must be endorsed by our Credit Committee;

5. If we are satisfied with the loan and terms we will then instruct a law firm to ensure that we are protected and our mortgage is registered.

6. Securities are then passed to our Security Trustee, who hold them in trust on behalf of investors;

7. Finally, the loan is serviced by a leading mortgage administrator, who manages it through to repayment.

For further details on who and what we lend to please review our Underwriting Criteria .

Landbay's accreditation

Landbay is a member of the following associations:

Council of Mortgage Lenders

Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association

Peer-to-Peer Finance Association