Credit and Compliance

The seven steps to completing a Landbay mortgage

We subject every application to rigorous analysis before we agree to lend. Our credit and compliance process is as follows:

1. Applications are made online by our FCA-regulated and accredited broker partners;

2. A comprehensive credit assessment is undertaken; to review all applicants’ credit history, their business experience, their ability to repay the proposed loan and the proposed property which acts as security;

3. A Decision in Principle is only given once the results of these checks have been ratified by our underwriters;

4. We instruct an independent RICS valuation;

5. If we are satisfied with the loan and terms we will issue an offer then instruct a law firm to ensure that we are protected and our mortgage is registered. Landbay has a conveyancer panel and applicants may choice any firm on this panel to act for Landbay and them or choose another firm (in which case Landbay will instruct a separate firm to act for it for which the applicant will be liable for its charges).;

6. Securities are then passed to our Security Trustee, who hold them in trust on behalf of investors;

7. Finally, the loan is serviced by a leading mortgage administrator, who manages it through to repayment.

For further details on who and what we lend to please review our Underwriting Criteria .

Landbay’s accreditation

Landbay is a member of the following associations:

Council of Mortgage Lenders

Intermediary Mortgage Lenders Association

Peer-to-Peer Finance Association