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Landbay enhances its range of two-year trackers 

27 June 2023

Hannah Bloodworth


Landbay has reduced rates on its two-year tracker buy-to-let mortgages by up to 90 basis points and added new competitive products to the range.

The two-year tracker products are available for standard property, houses in multiple occupation(HMO), multi-unit freehold blocks (MUFB) and trading companies. All products have a maximum loan-to-value of 75% and no early repayment charges. 

The new two-year tracker standard products start at 0.09% + Bank Base Rate (BBR), currently standing at 5.09%, and comes with a 4% fee.

For small HMO/MUFB up to six bedrooms, two-year trackers are from 0.39% + BBR, taking the rate to 5.39%, again with a 4% fee.

The existing range of two-year trackers have price reductions of 90 basis points for standard property and 80 basis points for small HMO/MUFB and trading companies:

Standard-1.09% + BBR and 2% fee (-0.90%)

Standard-0.59%+ BBR and 3% fee (-0.90%)

Small HMO/MUFB – 1.39% + BBR and 2% fee (-0.80%)

Small HMO/MUFB – 0.89% + BBR and 3% (-0.80%)

Trading company standard 2-year tracker 75% LTV 0.79% + BBR and 3% fee (-0.90%)

Trading company small HMO/MUFB-1.09% + BBR and 3% fee(-0.80%)

Paul Brett, managing director, intermediaries at Landbay, commented: “We have seen that two-year term mortgages are being selected by landlords who want to re-evaluate their situation in the nearer term.

“Our tracker products provide flexibility, with an option to move to a lower rate with no early repayment charges if the base rate reduces. And of course, if the Bank of England base rate continues to rise, landlords have the freedom to exit the tracker whenever they like as they are not tied in.”