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Urgent remortgage finds AVM-powered solution  

23 February 2024

Nick Joelson


Remortgage case offered within three hours of case submission.  

Property type: Standard
Location: Liverpool
Product: Standard AVM 5 Year Fixed 70% LTV 


We faced the challenge of a swift remortgage for a Liverpool-based property. The client emphasised the need for not just speed but also minimising expenses to reserve funds for future investments. 


By implementing AVM technology, we could expedite the underwriting process. This approach further enabled us to bypass additional valuation expenses, aligning with the client’s financial strategy. 


The process speed was significant, with an offer issued on the same day the application was filed. The precise timeline was as follows: the application was submitted at 11:38 am, reviewed by the underwriter by 11:41 am, and the offer was finalised by 2:37 pm. The entire procedure was wrapped up within a mere 3-hour window from submission. 

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The AVM product assisted us in providing our client with an efficient, smooth and quality re-mortgage service.