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Majority of landlords do not intend to sell any buy-to-let properties  

17 July 2023

Hannah Bloodworth


The majority of buy-to-let landlords (64%) are not planning to sell any of their properties in the next 12 months, latest data from the Landbay quarterly survey has revealed.

The strongest sentiment was found among landlords with individual properties (75%) and those with smaller portfolios of two or three properties (69%). However, almost the same number of landlords with more than 20 properties (65%) shared the same intention.

Meanwhile, the number of landlords planning to sell some properties increased slightly to 30% – from 28% in the previous survey. Only 6% plan to sell all their properties with respondents split across small, medium and large landlords.

As to be expected, the deciding factor for 60% of landlords intending to sell is rising  interest rates – an increase from 45% in the previous survey, while almost half (45%) said rent doesn’t cover their mortgage costs – up from 28% in the Q4 2022 survey. Respondents also mentioned landlord taxation (47%), the cost of meeting the proposed EPC requirements (40%) and worries about evicting tenants (34%).

The findings form part of Landbay’s latest quarterly survey which aims to find out the attitudes and intentions of existing landlords. Respondents were quizzed on a range of topics to determine the key factors facing the sector and their thoughts on the future of the buy-to-let market.

Paul Brett, Landbay’s managing director, intermediaries said: “While it’s certainly the case that some landlords are trimming their portfolios in the current climate, our latest data demonstrates that the majority are not looking to make any cuts at all. This is positive news for the wider housing market which is so reliant on rental supply. After all, one-in-five houses in England and Wales depend on the private rented sector (PRS) for housing.

“As a specialist buy-to-let lender, we are always looking at ways to innovate to not only support buyers, but those landlords set to remortgage. With high levels of maturity in the buy-to-let market this year, there will be many weighing up their options in a higher interest environment.

“For those considering selling, we’d always say it’s worth their time speaking with a broker to find out what is their best possible move, especially when there’s lenders like us willing to innovate and find solutions to support landlords in all situations.”