Case Studies

Quick offer on a newly converted property with layered company structure

16 February 2022

Nick Joelson


Our experienced underwriting team were able to make a quick offer on a newly converted property using a complex layered company structure

Property type: Multi-Unit Freehold Block
Location: Bristol
Product: Standard 5 Year Fixed

The challange

The original purchase for a multi-unit freehold block was made from a trading company. Once the property had been converted into individual flats, it needed to be moved into an SPV. The complicated nature of the company structure meant careful attention to detail was needed to determine who was acting from a personal guarantee perspective.

Our solution

We carefully broke down the layered companies and established who needed to be on the application for personal guarantee purposes. We worked closely with the broker to ensure we had all the necessary documents and that we had correctly understood the company structure.


Our attention to detail and proactive handling of this case meant we were quick to offer, even though it was a complex one. Subsequently, both the broker and landlord have submitted more business and continue to work with Landbay.

Landbay proactively handled our case and were quick to offer, despite its complexity. We look forward to continuing to work with them in the future!