Understanding HMOs

8 December 2022

Ben Fernandes


A webinar and Q&A session hosted by Alex Witham.

About the spotlight

Join us for a live presentation and Q&A session on Houses in Multiple Occupation with Alex Witham from Landbay.
In this session, we will cover the definition of an HMO, when they need licensing and planning permission, how investors can convert single dwelling into HMO’s and the key considerations of mortgaging them.

Topics include:

  • What is an HMO?
  • Why landlords invest in HMOs?
  • Licensing and planning permission
  • Enhancing your fact find
  • Valuation types
  • Article 4
  • How Landbay can help you
  • Complex BTL products & criteria

Meet the speakers

Alex Witham

Alex is an experienced business development manager who has previously worked for Natwest and Aldermore banks. Alex covers the East Midlands area, and down to Essex in the South East.

He is known in the industry for helping to provide intermediaries with straightforward solutions to complex buy-to-let lending requirements and is trusted by many of the successful brokerages in his region. Alex has an in-depth technical knowledge of buy-to-let lending, so is happy to really get into the detail of a case. He is keen to help as many intermediaries in his area as he can, so if you have a buy-to-let inquiry you need help with contact Alex.