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Buy-to-let affordability: navigating the challenges

16 March 2023

Hannah Bloodworth


How can intermediaries know whether their clients will be accepted for a buy-to-let mortgage in the new era of higher interest rates?

It’s got more difficult for buy-to-let lending in recent months and there is the added factor of stress testing and the interest cover ratio.

To help intermediaries understand buy-to-let affordability challenges, Landbay is hosting a webinar which will explain the current situation and options available for landlords to secure a mortgage.

Presenting the webinar is Alex Witham, regional account manager at Landbay, who will explain stress testing and affordability calculations. He will also look at how the sector has changed since new rules were introduced in 2017 leading to a doubling of the number of new buy-to-let limited companies set up in the past five years.

Rob Stanton, business development director at Landbay, said: “Broker expertise is needed now more than ever before to guide their clients through the complexities of affordability brought on by rate rises.

“Alex has an in-depth technical knowledge of buy-to-let lending and will provide valuable insight into what intermediaries can do for their clients. He had devised a product comparison tool, which helps to explain how to pass the stress tests using different mixes of fees and interest rates to suit clients’ individual needs.”

The webinar, ‘Buy-to-let affordability: navigating the challenges’ is on Friday 24 March at 2pm for 30-45 minutes. To register, click here or visit Landbay’s website.